Rosendals Trädgård Rosendals Trädgård


Join our gardeners for a tour in which you gain insight into the work at Rosendals Garden. We take a look at the various themes of the garden going by season and follow the route of vegetables and flowers from earth to table – and back to earth again.

The content of the tours is adapted by season and, if possible, by any requests.

DAYTIME TOURS from 10.30 am, the last tour starts at 4pm.
30-minute tour costs SEK 2,200
60-minute tour costs SEK 3,800

WEEKEND TOURS from 11 am, the last tour starts at 4pm.
30-minute tour costs SEK 3,200
60-minute tour costs SEK 4,800

We can only take tours in the evening if they are linked to another booked event.

Schools and educational institutions receive a reduced price for day-time tours. The prices stated include VAT. Max 40 people/booked guide. Tour bookings ought to be made at least ten days in advance so we can plan.

Tours are paid for in the Plant Shop at the time of the visit or alternatively by invoice. In the case of cancellation later than 7 days before the visit, half the tour fee will be invoiced. BOOK A TOUR

Email with information about desired length of tour, time and the size of the group.

The group meets alongside the Farmshop where the gardener/guide meets you for the tour.

Tour 2020
Information soon available. Please get in touch for prices and arrangements.