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All of Rosendals Garden is closed from December 23rd – February 3rd (café, plantshop, bakery and farmshop). We open again for the season February 4th 2017 at 11 am.
You can contact us via email: and we will answer as soon as we are back from the winter rest. (9th of January 2017).

For more than thirty years Rosendals’ Garden Foundation has cultivated and spread biodynamic farming practices. Biodynamic cultivation includes working with nature’s cycles, in which, vital pieces of the puzzle are composting, crop rotation and natural fertilisers. Rosendals Garden is a driver of the farm to fork concept and the harvest of vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits are used in the gardens renowned café and woodfired bakery.

We are closed from December 23rd – February 3rd and open for the season February 4th at 11 am.

Opening hours 2017

4th Feb – March

Tuesday – Sunday                  11 am – 4 pm
Mondays closed

April – September

Every day 11am – 5pm

The Midsummer weekend we are closed.

October – 22 December

Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 4pm
Mondays closed


Eating at Rosendals Garden

The greenhouse cafe serves lunches, sandwiches and pastries of the season. Whenever possible we use our own biodynamically grown vegetables, and all bread is from our own artisanal bakery that holds a wood fired stone oven. The whole cafe is organically certified. It is not possible to make table reservations or prebook food in the greenhouse cafe. However the greenhouses can be booked for weddings, parties, dinners and other private functions.

The artisanal bakery produces ecological bread and pastries baked in our wood fired oven. All made by true craftsmanship; everything is done by hand without shortcuts and with the best of biodynamic and organic ingredients.

Vedugnsbageriet stenugnen

Shopping at Rosendals Garden

The plant shop offers a carefully selected assortment of flowers and plants, seeds and tools for the urban gardener. During the summer season you can pick your own flowers to be paid by weight. Flower arrangements are available to order.

The farmshop sells bread and cakes from the woodfired bakery, biodynamically grown vegetables from the garden, homemade preserves and pickles as well as carefully chosen books and crafts.

Fruktträdgården Katja Halvarsson

About the garden

Today Rosendal is a market garden with vegetable fields, green houses, a rose garden, an orchard, flower beds, compost areas, a vineyard, a playground, an educational garden for children, a bakery, a nursery, a shop and a cafe.

Biodynamic gardening means that we work with nature’s own processes including composting, crop rotation and using manure. All our cultivation is organically and Demeter certified.

The plants we grow are used in our cafe and bakery or sold in our shop. We also supply some of Stockholm’s best restaurants and chefs with fresh produce.

Garden design, consultation and guidance for balconies, terraces, courtyards, flowerbeds and smaller gardens are services we provide.

A little bit of history

For centuries the soil at Rosendal has been nurtured by gardeners. Since 1982 the Rosendal Garden Foundation runs the garden. The purpose of the foundation is to widen the public interest and knowledge of biodynamic gardening and landscaping.


Exploring and learning at Rosendals Garden

Courses and other activities in cooking and gardening are provided, combining learning with enjoyment. Bespoke activities are available for private groups and companies. We also arrange guided tours, seminars and art exhibitions.

Lek Odla Väx! – Play, Cultivate, Grow!our gardening project for children aged 3-6. During six different visits over the year the children learn about and experience nature’s cycles by cultivating and playing.

Education is an important part of the foundation’s work and every year we offer apprenticeships and training opportunities for students and volunteers.

Kvällskalas Katja

Booking a dinnerparty or event

Email with number of guests, kind of event and date to get further information and prices.


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